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Old Fashioned Massacre

by Matthew Gaydos



The fire in the staircase
means we both ain't goin' nowhere
Like balloon fill me up
but I'm slowly runnin' out of air
The spring in my step
has lost all its bounce
But it don't matter now
we're goin' down with the house

So here comes another
old-fashion massacre
The one where hearts
shatter and never recover
Invade your chest
and destroy like a vandal
The internal bloodshed
is just too much to handle

Oh, captain, my captain
please don't bury me
The window is locked
can't find a skeleton key
Floorboards break and
foot fall through
The wallpaper burns
in a child-sized bedroom


Now I'm a pile of ashes
please come sweep me away
If you don't, the wind will
Do this for me babe
The captain he says
we will leave in the morning
But quick, gunshot rang
ending you, without warning



released February 22, 2011



all rights reserved


Matthew Gaydos Missoula, montana

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